Boogaloo Nights: “We Like It Like That” Documentary Trailer

September 20, 2011

Words by Jesse Serwer

You might imagine that every substantial music scene of the last half-century has already received the documentary treatment at this point in time but until recently, Latin boogalooโ€”the short-lived, multi-cultural Latin music movement that thrived in New York City at the tail end of the 1960sโ€”was an exception. New York Times writer Matthew Warren has been at work on such a film for the last several years, however, and, last month, a work in progress of his We Like It Like That (which includes interviews with Joe Bataan, Johnny Colon, Angel Lebron among other key figures) screened in New York City at an August 10th Central Park Summer Stage concert featuring Colon and Bataan. While the film looks promising, it currently faces some funding issues (specifically in regards to the licensing of archival footage and music), leading Warren to take to the funding website Kickstarter, where he’s offering rewards–including an all-expenses paid dinner with Bataan and Colon to anyone willing to pony up $2.500โ€”as he seeks to reach a funding goal of $15,000. Check out the trailer for the movie below, then visit the Kickstarter site for info on how to help out.