Pop Style Pon The Parkway: Patricia London

September 5, 2014

Interview by Kendra Dennis/Photos by Eddie Pearson


Patricia London
Occupation: Retired
Representing: Trinidad and Tobago
Spotted: Rochester Ave, Brooklyn, NY

How long have you been here, from Trinidad?

I’ve been here, like 20 years.

What’s you’re favorite part of Labor Day?

Playing mas (laughs). It’s important for my culture because it’s a sense of freedom, its a sense of feeling that you’re back home.

How long have you been jumping, and playing mas?

Since I’ve been here.

Whats your favorite Labor Day memory; What’s the most fun you’ve ever had?
The most fun I ever had was playing J’ouvert. J’ouvert is a different feeling entirely. It’s like the night before you don’t even sleep, knowing that you have free downtime coming when you can just let yourself go from all the stress, yuh know?

How important is Labor Day in Brooklyn?

It’s very important for Brooklyn, its a time when people come together, its a time when we can celebrate as one; you don’t care what country, what nationality—its like a BIG happy family.

Tell us about your outfit.
Oh, I’m playing “Boat Swayin’” from the band Burrow Keeps. The team is “Anchors Away.”

What made you choose this band to play with?
The colors.

Is red your favorite color?
It is.