LargeUp Exclusive: Los Rakas “Borracho” + New EP

August 23, 2011

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton

Y’all know we have been repping Los Rakas something gargantuan for a minute–and any lingering doubts about them being the leaders of rap’s multilingual new school were dispelled Friday night when they tore down Tammany Hall (miraculously rebuilt within 24 hours) in the LES Friday night at their LargeUp-sponsoredย EP release bashy. That EP–Chancletas y Camisetas Bordadas–drops today and a few hours in it is already #1 on iTunes “hip-hop & reggaeton” charts. Not that we’re trying to take credit or anything. On the contrary, rather than big ourselves up, we’ll just reprint the big-ups Okayplayer gave us (*switching hats):

In recognition of the fact that our Caribbean-focused (so focused) channel partners at LargeUp have been supporters of the Raka movement from the very jump, dudes passed us this track “Borracho” to post as a free download. The whole EP is tuff (especially if you heard it performed live at the crunk-diculous release jam atย Tammany Hall Friday!) but this track might just be the tuffest, club-wise. Los Rakas put a serious dose of Baltimore in their Oakland for this one–and considering their Oakland was already pretty full of Black Panama, it’s amazing they found room for so much bass culture on one track.

Stream or download “Borracho” below, cop theย EPย here and find the full tracklisting after the jump (and btw beaucoups respects to Okayafricaย fire-starter Chief Boimaย on the production creds).



1) Vengo de Panama (Prod by Hawk Beatz)
2) Panty Wanty (Prod by Chief Boima)
3) Borracho (Culea) (Prod By Party Animals)
4) Ta Lista (Produced by: :::i.ameni::::The Beat Man)
5) Cueria (Prod by Chief Boima)
6) La Chola (Prod by Chief Boima)
7) Camisetas Borda (Prod by Chief Boima)
*BONUS TRACK Soy Raka (Prod by: :::i.ameni::::The Beat Man)