Funky Nassau: Lenny Kravitz x Jay-Z x DJ Military “Boongie Drop”

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton

Speaking of super-heavy rock dudes who happen to be secret reggae stans. Lenny Kravitz just leaked this song off his new LP Black & White America which features Jay-Z (!), a distinctly Caribbean-flavored riddim plus soundman DJ Military screaming clash-style on the intro and adding a touch of Bahamian slang (Come mek that boongie drop!) to the hook. Lenny himself shouts out Nassau and peppers his vocal with phrases like Black heat / in the dancehall. This is all a little bit surprising but maybe not that surprising, considering that Black & White America was actually recorded largely in the Bahamas, where Kravitz  not only owns property but has other connections to the island soil. Lenny’s mom is Bahamian–and I did not just pull that off wikipedia. I got the chance to interview him for Okayplayer recently and even though we had a lot to cover and short time to do it in, he did briefly touch on his Bahamian roots and the inspiration for the song. Soon come! Meantimes, stream “Boongie Drop” below, check out the OTHER new song he leaked (featuring Drake!) at OKP and watch this in-studio vid of him and a mate recording the song “Everything” at his Bahamas home studio after the jump.

[audio:|titles=lenny kravitz – Boongie Drop (Feat. Jay Z and Dj Military)]