Mixtape Mondays: Hollow Point, One Wise, Barbes Records, Jester & Kid Cut

July 25, 2011

Words by DJ Theory

Crippling heat or no, we are steady keeping the summer vybz alive here at Mixtape Mondays with new music direct from JA, Canada, Humboldt County and Latin America. Roll up and roll out!

Hollow Point, Work Over Time Mixtape: To the many peers, fans, and selectors who had been left curious as to where the infamous“braaaat tat tat tat tat” call of Hollow Point had gone, wonder no more. Back like he never left, Work Over Time covers a wide range of Hollow Point’s style, with a diverse mix of singles including the ruthless “6 Foot, 7 Foot” flip “Suck Yuh Mudda” to the mellow summer bounce tune “Roll Right” on the Fresh Medz Riddim. Combining Hollow Point’s distinctive lyricism with production from the BombShop Records camp, Work Over Time will surely satisfy Hollow’s present fans, and  no doubt make some new ones in the process. Peep the Youtube drop and download the mix here.

One Wise Sound, Summer Vybz:  Thanks to a tip from one of our NorCal connects, we just got a brand new mix discreetly delivered from the Humboldt County champs One Wise Sound. One Wise (DJs Benji, J the Sarge and Max Garrison) have been lighting up the “emerald triangle” back down to the Bay Area and beyond for a cool decade now. It’s no surprise this summer CD mixed in fine style by One Wise’s Benji delivers the heat as we roll through the halfway point of the season. There’s still plenty of time to take in the summer vybz tho, especially when you press play on this bad boy, which is packed up with over an hour of today’s dancehall hits and riddims. Perfect for your upcoming backyard jam or a pre-whine before the club. Stream and download here.

Barbes Records, Roots Of Chicha Mixtape: Time to take a quick jaunt to Latin America for some official cumbia and chicha business. Although this amazingly infectious music is widespread across Latin America and the world, cumbia originated on the Caribbean coast of Columbia sometime early last century. As it it traveled southward, cumbia mixed with native Andean sounds and psychedelic rock to spawn the style called chicha–yet another huge pop culture trend with its roots in the Caribbean. Here we have a quick mix courtesy of Brooklyn-based Barbes Records (label-affiliate of eclectic Park Slope live music venue Barbes) featuring tunes from their brand new double LP The Roots Of Chicha. Stream and download the mix here.

Jester & Kid Cut, Late Nights, Early Flights: Toronto heavyhitter Jester has teamed up once again with Jamaican-born DJ, MC, producer and barber extraordinaire Kid Cut to build a mix as diverse as their resumés. Late Nights, Early Flights is a no-nosense commercial mix, with a medley of different tracks and genres carefully selected to get you fired up before the club, the spin class, or drive-time swag while stuck in traffic on your morning commute. If you’re looking for that electro, dancehall, rap, hiphop, R&B and soca fix, you may just feel compelled to book the next flight to Ontario or wherever Jester and Kid Cut may be jetting off to. Or you could just stick with downloading the mix here.