Heds and Dreds: Annotated Tribe Called Quest for the Unseasoned Patois Interpeter

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July 12, 2011

3. “Oh My God”

Jah lickโ€”Jah lick, you wind up your hip. Leave it to Q-Tip to reference both Michigan & Smiley’s “Diseases” and Yellowman and Fathead’s “Sweet Reggae Music” in the same line. For his part on Midnight Marauders‘ hard hitting, Busta-featuring single, Phife famously identified himself as a Trini gladiator (Anti hesitator/Shaheed push the fader/From here to Grenada) in a verse that also included a famously un-PC and doubtlessly Buju Banton-inspired (and, on most versions of the album, censored) reference to gays.