Toppa Top 10: Bonjay’s Top 10 Caribbean-Canadians

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June 28, 2011

5. Little X (AKA “Director X”)

This half-Trini hails from Brampton–sort of a suburban Crown Heights, just outside of Toronto–and started his career as a teenage intern at MuchMusic, our version of MTV. He soon moved on to work for Hype Williams, learning enough to earn his own gigs and going on to direct classics like Sean Paulโ€™s crossover trinity of “Gimme the Light,” “Get Busy” and “Temperature,” as well as big American hits like Usherโ€™s “Yeah” and Kanyeโ€™s “The New Workout Plan.” Weโ€™ll always remember him for his role as visual consultant on the stylistically stunning Belly. Did he put those rooster feathers on Sosa’s head?