Toppa Top 10: Bonjay’s Top 10 Caribbean-Canadians

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June 28, 2011

Words by Bonjayโ€”

This Friday, July 1, is Canada Day, the Canadian equivalent of July 4th. For the occasion, we tapped Ian “Pho” Swain and Alanna Stuart of Toronto-based post-dancehall outfit Bonjay (whose electric, Natalie Storm-featuring Stumble [Passa Passa Remix]” just premiered here last week) to run down a list of the 10 most interesting and significant Canadians of Caribbean descent. There’s a lot more than you think…

Since we started venturing far afield from our Toronto home to perform, weโ€™ve been taken aback by how many people are surprised there are West Indians in Canada. From random Texans to the New York Times (โ€œCanadian dancehall? Why not?โ€), we spend a lot of time explaining that, yes, there are a lot of Caribbean people in Toronto and Montrรฉal, so no, itโ€™s not weird that we grew up on dancehall sonics, and theyโ€™re a big influence on our own music. So in an effort to promote international understanding, we present to you: our take on the Top 10 Caribbean-Canadians.