Toppa Top 8: Don Corleon Selects His Favorite Dub Records + Exclusive Interview

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June 21, 2011

1. Augustus Pablo/King Tubby, King Tubbyโ€™s Meets Rockers Uptown


My favorite of all of them is King Tubbyโ€™s. Just for the low end…how he sets that bass and that kick. No matter which King Tubbyโ€™s, it has more bottom end than all of them. Even when I listen to on my Mac laptop I say, How did he get the kick like that? ย And King Tubbyโ€™s is coming from an older time than all of the other people. Even the equipment that he used just have a sound. That eight-track board has a sound. Mad Professor is cleaner and crispier–it sounds good–but King Tubbyโ€™s has a rusty, dirty sound. Like an 8-bit.