World Premiere: Bonjay featuring Natalie Storm, “Stumble (Passa Passa Remix)”

June 21, 2011

Words by Jesse Serwer


Bonjay are a duo from Ontarioโ€”Toronto, by way of Ottawaโ€”with a sound all their own and a name that means “Good God” in Granadian patois. Their 2010 EP Broughtupsy–also Caribbean slang, this time from Trinidad–juxtaposes dancehall-inspired riddims with half-Jamaican/half-Granadian singer Alanna Stuart’s R&B-meets-Kate Bush vocalisms (and some occasional chatting, too). “Stumble,” a single with one of the more creative uses of airhorn sounds we’ve heard in a while (and that’s saying something), was released in North America back in the fall but it’s still going strong thanks to a recent European single release and a sweaty, spastic video with a Flashdance-meets-Talking Heads vibe. The “Passa Passa Remix,” by producer Prodigal (of Swatch International/Passa Passa fame) turns the bashment vibes way up, with chunky dancehall drums and a verse from our very own Punany Monologues columnist Natalie Storm. Stream/download below and check this space for more on Bonjay–currently at work on their debut album in Berlin— in the very near future.