Fly Away: Lenny Kravitz x Bob Marley on Jimmy Fallon

May 16, 2011

Words by Jesse Serwer


Late Night with Jimmy Fallon called upon Lenny Kravitz to close out its week’s worth of tributes to Bob Marley on Friday night. He took things out on a high note, performing a top-notch version of “Roots Rock Reggae” with backing from the Roots and a scarf wrapped around his head. We can’t claim to be any kind of big and knowledgeable Kravitz fans over here but we’re glad to see the half-Bahamian rock star (his mother, the late actress Roxie Roker of Jeffersons fame, hailed from the Bahamas) embrace his West Indian-ness, as his rare journeys into the Caribbean have been successful ones to our ears.