Fire Links: Bob Marley Week Edition

May 11, 2011

Words by Jesse Serwer


As you’re surely aware by now, today is the 30th anniversary of Bob Marley’s death from skin cancer, at age 36. After paying our respects earlier this week, we thought we’d sit back today, and let everyone else have their say. We knew the topic would be on every news site, Twitter feed and blog, and sure enough it was. It’s kinda funny how, when there’s an obvious occasion to honor Bob Marley, the same people who don’t ever acknowledge reggae, dancehall or any other Caribbean music made post 1981, unless they’re criticizing song lyrics or laughing at Ras Trent, become sudden authorities on Marley’s music and legacy. Please. But there were also lots of really good, thoughtful things to read on the Interwebs today. We’ve compiled some of the highlights below. Scan them, and come back to us tomorrow for more Bob Marley Week.

Author/Screenwriter Nelson George recalls his brush with Marley, as a young journalist, shortly before his death in 1981.

Jamaican novelist Colin Channer recalls his introduction to Bob’s music as an 8-year-old in 1971, at the Wall Street Journal.

The Washington Post reprints its obituary from May 12, 1981, the day after Bob’s death.

British-Jamaican journalist Marvin Sparks talks to Marcia Griffiths at Soul Culture and runs through a list of hits others have made on Marley riddims, over at his blog.