Toppa Top 10: Top 10 Beres Hammond Classics

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5. “Putting Up Resistance” (1993)

beres hammond putting up resistance

Beres’ voice was created to sing love songs. That we have established. But just like Marvin Gaye, he produced some of his most searing work by putting his voice in service of more serious subject matter. On this all-time classic of conscious dancehall produced by Tapper Zukie, Beres is more effective than any dreadlocked prophet precisely because the listener never questions for a second that the singer is NOT a born rebel but a hard-working family man who’s patience is pushed to the breaking point by circumstance. It also showcases his incredible talents as a songwriter and storyteller, painting vivid and unexpected scenes with each couplet (blow wind blow, blow wind blow/I don’t want to go out tonight) that lay the emotional foundation for the defiant chorus—a stark contrast to the one-verse, one-concept format of so much dancehall.