Jerk Sauce Committee: Beastie Boys x Santigold

April 25, 2011

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton


Our Afro-picked overlords at Okayplayer HQ just posted this new Beastie Boys track, “Don’t Play No Game I Can’t Win,” featuring Santigold and we got an auto-alert that is generated by any hipster sht that comes out with a reggae beat. Seriously, this is the most punky reggae thing Santi has done since she and Diplo did their Top Ranking mixtape and it is pretty much the most reggaeish thing the Beastie Boys have done ever (unless you count putting Lee “Scratch” Perry on the cover of Grand Royal). Starts out with some otherworldy trumpets that could be Ethiopian jazz and then kicks in with a dubby skacore beat that sounds kind of a lot like that one dub track DJ Krush did. You might actually need to check your head after you run this tune.

[audio:|titles=Beastie Boys – Dont Play No Game That I Cant Win (featuring Santigold)]