Up in The Sky: Ziggy Marley Unveils ‘Marijuanaman’ Comic

April 20, 2011

Words by Eddie Stats


Everybody celebrates 4/20 in their own way. You might catch a Collie Buddz show or download a paranoid rap EP and listen to it a hotel room with the shades drawn. Ziggy Marley decided to celebrate it by launching a comic book. The eponymous hero of this new creation is Marijuanaman as you may have suspected, he crashed to earth in his bong-shaped spaceship while on a mission to save his THC-starved home planet. Marijuanaman is the result of a three-way collabo between Ziggy, writer Joe Casey and illustrator Jim Mahfood, who apparently linked up with the Marley scion through artist Overton Lloyd of P-Funk fame. The comic went up on Amazon today and unlike actual Brooklyn botanicals you can watch the YouTube promo below and get a preview of what you’re getting into before you buy: