Fashion Fridays: The Bad, The Purple & The Clarks

March 18, 2011

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton, via High Snobiety


Demand keeps ramping up for Clarks and Clarks-like footwear. Which means more and more designers have their heads bent over a computer screen, dreaming up new variations and colorways for the classic walker, resulting in a Skittles-like rainbow of options for the true Clarks collector. The latest twist was recently unveiled by British boutique Poste, which got the official go-ahead from Clarks HQ to dye the desert boot and desert trek in a vivid purple–Pantone 209c, to be right and exact. The desert boots will likely be the trendier of the two, given the model’s overall popularity. But it’s safe to say that Jamaicans and Wu-members have already been dunking their suede desert boots in dye to match their purple stageshow suits and porkpie hats for years now. No, we predict that it’s the harder-to-dye leather and generally more gangster profile of the desert trek (There’s a reason they’re known in Jamaica as “bankrobbers”) that will be a hit ย with garrison celebrities. We’d also like to warn Yellowman and Sister Nancy to be on the alert. We suspect Purpleman had a hand in this. (More views of the desert trek after the jump).