Spring Bruk: Drake and Mavado Onstage at BritJam

March 15, 2011

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton via Octobers Very Own


We TOLD YOU Drake was on some dancehall shit (and then we told you again). Everybody’s favorite child-actor turnt rapper turnt singer gave full vent to his yardocentric Star Bwoy persona (not to be confused with his soundsytem selector persona Voodoo Child Sound) at a recent Britjam performance, parring on stage with homie/video co-star Mavado and saying, Jamaica to the bloodclaat world! Literally. Which turned out to be a problem, actually, cause apparently the plug was pulled on the show when Drake dropped the claat-bomb, preempting a much-anticipated freestyle over a dancehall beat. They did ask him nicely to stop banging on the furnace. And now the party done.