Visual Culture: Classic Limonious and Jamaal Pete Cover Art

March 1, 2011

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton


Our doops Scratch Famous (or is it Selector JD?) over at Deadly Dragon Sound recently went deep with an art historical reasoning on the significance of artists Jamaal Pete and the man called Limonious, drawing just a few from the huge catalogue of reggae LP covers designed by either illustrator and taking us (well DJ Gravy) back to the days when we would see Jamaal frequently on the NY subways (usually jumping the turnstile with a painting under one arm). We’ve had Limonious on the brain lately and in fact, we’re not sure if we should read this as a visual answer record to our recent post on Kevin Lyons’ Red Gold & Green exhibit in Paris or a sneak peek ย into super-secret Jamaican-style soho eatery Miss Lily’s. Unlike NY Eater we have been inside and we can tell you with our own eyes that the backroom is decorated with quite a few LP covers from both artists–but we can’t tell you any more because the first rule of Miss Lily’s is you don’t talk about Miss Lily’s.

ANYWAY, it seemed like a good excuse to do a Visual Culture gallery of some of our own favorites. So here are a grip from Limonious:


And Jamaal Pete: