Fashion Fridays Part Few: Carnival Chic From Christian Broucaud

February 25, 2011

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton, via Nicole C Prince

Christian Boucaud 2011 3

In the process of tracking down ZJ Sparks Sparkilous soca blend for Mixtape Mondays, we chanced up on these stunning Christian Broucaud designs from their Carnival Collection 2011 (just in time for actual Carnival). It’s nice to see a homegrown Trini fashion house stepping into haute-er couture (and it’s nice to know that in Trinidad, fashion seasons move with Carnival and not the other way around). Our favorite (above) employs Afro-geometric patterns in a piece that is tropically minimalist in both feel and function (ladies, we do not recommend you stand in line for a NY club with only these to protect you from the elements). But the whole collection is falling into our jurisdiction. In women’s fashion–as in women–our main criteria is this: you haffi find a specimen that is equally at home in runway, soundclash, carnival or yacht party. These will do.

Christian Boucaud 2011 1