Nice & Lovely: New Rayvon f. Red Foxx Video ‘When I Get You Home’

February 19, 2011

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton


Legendary dancehall hookman Rayvon just this second dropped a video for the infectious “When I Get You Home,” proving that his way with a melody is timeless. A duet with his longtime sparring partner Red Foxx, it proves some other things, too. Like: Dancehall usually works best in a combination of rough and smooth, as with Ray & Red trading sung and deejayed hooks in the vein of their tried and true boomtunes with other artists–Rayvon with Shaggy on “Big Up” and “Nice & Lovely” and Foxx with Screechie Dan on “Pose Off”–and each other (remember “Bashment Party?“). Also: if you have real talent, it doesn’t take much to produce a tough video; two mics, one strobe and one set of dancehall queen a dweet. Young dogs, watch and learn: