Head Ova Heels: Jordans X Stilettos

February 14, 2011

Words by Jason “J-Rockaz” Orford


Generally speaking, the world of hiphop and street-style has been driven by the male perspective. But real heads know that every now and then you’ll spot a honey dip rocking a pair of kicks so fresh you’re forced to ask for her name, middle name, number, zodiac, email, permanent address, blood type…alright, I’m bugging a bit. But this year Valentine’s fell in Fashion Week, so we here at LargeUp have a suggestion for all you dudes that love the ladies in your lives (especially if she’s the dancehall queen/fashion forward type). AIR JORDAN STILETTOS.


Click your fingers and then click your heels. I first spotted these magical shoes on the feet of Cuban-American r&b singer/Hollywood diva Christina Milian on the cover of Complex Magazine. Since then, the shoes have taken off in almost every creative direction possible given the large number of Jordan styles and colors to choose from. I must point out, these shoes are not an official Nike-branded project or product. It started in the streets, guerilla-style and represent one of those rare fashion phenomenon where a knockoff product one-ups the original brand vis-a-vis creativity, innovation and a simple understanding of what people like and want. Don’t be surprised if Nike reverses the infringement and makes this fashionable shoe an official member of their family in the near future (if you can’t beat ’em, own ’em).


Personally I’m looking forward to seeing NYCย dancehall queens and sexy body fashionistas, poppin’ nuff Jordan styles this summer.ย The city witnessed a similar trend when folks were buying custom Gucci and Luis Vuitton Air Force One trainers circa 2002-2003. Back then, you could actually find authentic Nikes that were deconstructed and made over with the popular logo printed fabrics but most times a bootleg pair was the norm. In this case the manufacturers of these Air Jordan women’s heels are clever because they’re actually bootlegging, playing hide and seek with the manufacturer’s info. If there was truth in advertising, most would read “some warehouse in China.” Don’t worry yourself though, you can purchase a pair here and here. And if you don’t have a date tonight, you can do the full Cinderella–buy a pair and don’t rest until you find the princess that fits them perfectly.