London Bawling: Reggae Britannia on BBC4

February 4, 2011

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton


Government support for cultural programming has taken a hit in the UK recently, yet another victim of the worldwide belt-tightening called recession. But even a deficit of billions couldn’t stop the venerable BBC from launching their new documentary on the history of reggae in Britain and it’s impact on pop music and culture, which debuts on BBC4 February 11th. Better yet, they are launching it with a splash, bringing an all-star cast of musical pioneers–including Big Youth, Ken Boothe, Dennis Alcapone, Dennis Bovell and Pauline Black of the Selector, among others–to remake history live onstage at the Barbican theater on the 5th. Looks like a punky reggae party…and it’s tomorrow. Watch the trailer below: