Playback: New Collie Buddz EP/Exclusive Behind the Scenes Video

January 6, 2011

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton, photo by Martei Korley.

Collie Budz10

It’s been three long, cold, hard years since Bermudan reggae star Collie Buddz dropped an official release (really, I’m not saying they’re related but except for the black president thing those three years really sucked. I would like my money back, please). In case our recent feature and the occasional loose 45 like “Serious” or “Par Wid I-Mon” was not enough to hold you over, Mr. Buddz decided to get back in the studio. He’s been making some new noise recently with a remix of “Kush” and a video for “Holiday” a classic horn-driven one drop with a classic get-away theme. Turns out they’re not just one-offs but teasers for the new Playback EP which is dropping just about two weeks from now.

The EP was entirely recorded in Bermuda and features production from our youth Supa Dups of Black Chiney, among others. But you don’t have to take our word for it because Collie & crew shared this exclusive behind-the-scenes video footage with us, providing an insider look at his grueling tour schedule and breaking down all the essential info on the new release. Watch below…only on LARGE UP!