Watch Me Now: Selita Ebanks x Kanye West

October 22, 2010

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton


If you stay up on industry gossip you already know that Selita Ebanks, the Grand Cayman native and runway model we featured in our Toppa Top 10 Caribbean supermodels has been making moves with rap’s enfant terrible Kanye West, getting snapped paparazzi style in the superstar’s presence whenever she’s not being seen out and about with UK artist Donaeo, of “Party Hard” fame. This week, however, Ms. Ebanks is making a different kind of move with Kanye; a power move. Ebanks appeared recently in a one-minute preview clip of the short film West directed to accompany his moody relationship ballad “Runaway.” Selita plays the part of the phoenix–which may or may not be a metaphor for Ye’s career–rising from the ashes of some studio-feature sized explosions. There are also fragmentary shots of a skittish Bambi-looking whitetailed deer and a ballerina–which may or may not be metaphors for the delicate females who should run away from Kanye as fast as they can, per the title. This is not the first time sporting wings for Selita, who has worked the runway as a Victoria Secret angel. She stopped short of revealing all her secrets for Kanye’s viewfinder, however, apparently turning down his initial request to do the film in the nude. Oh well, gentlemen, you can still hope for a Bond movie somewhere in her future. Update: watch the full 34-minute film below: