Corner Stones: New Meta and The Cornerstones Video

October 15, 2010

Words by DJ Gravy, photo by Abby Ross


So you may have seen our last post on the Senegalese reggae singer Meta Dia when we showcased his music video, “Somewhere In Africa.” This time he’s back with another great tune and a very impressive video, shot in Brooklyn and directed by Toni Comas. The video tells a story of a hustler with the cops on his tail and if you’ve spent any significant amount of time in New York you will most likely recognize Kofi–dread who plays the undercover cop–since his book stand on 4th and Broadway was a landmark for years and he seems to be everywhere most of the time!

As we mentioned in the last Meta post, it’s not easy to win the approval of the often fickle reggae massive, especially when you’re not from yard or even trying to suggest that you might be, for that matter. But I think you’ll agree that Meta is creating a bright future for himself and the Cornerstones by simply being himself; a humble and talented African-born reggae singer whose voice is undeniable, and whose message is clear and sincere. Enjoy.