Just For Fun: Trevor Off-Key’s Dancehall Parodies

October 13, 2010

Words by Martei Korley

trevor off-key

In the often gritty, serious AND cartoonish dancehall world, Trevor Off-Key takes a somewhat different approach–no less cartoonish, though. Seemingly honing an ambition to become the Weird Al Yankovic of dancehall, he has created spoofs of a number of chart-toppers, even some with “official” videos. Take a load off and kick back with LargeUp for a few laughs…(watch after the jump).

First up is “Fake Jeans Admit it”, Trevor’s verison of Vybz Kartel feat. Russian “Straight Jeans and Fitted“…

When Drake came to Jamaica and shot the video for “Find Your Love”, he unwittingly became the target of Trevor Off-Keys attempt of total spoof domination in the dancehall. Or something? The vote is definitely out on this one.