2000Tone: Wayne Lotek x Prince Jammy

October 6, 2010

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton, via Seen


Wayne Lotek–Australia-based rudie, Roots Manuva collaborator, producer of 2009 Mercury prize winner Speech Debelle and the evil genius behind the recent Dead Rastas mix–put himself in the spotlight with this new video for “Rudest Dude.” Through the magical power of technology producer Dropbear believably parachutes Lotek into the studio with Jamaican mixing-board legends Prince Jammy and Bunny Striker Lee, with wicked results. The visual effects are what grab you but far from overshadowing the music, the old school conceit only works because Lotek comes with a sufficiently grimey rudeboy chat, at times sounding something like The Game with a cockney twang–and looks sufficiently like Yellowman to appear at home in the booth with two dancehall pioneers.