Where You Get Dem New Clarks There Baby???

September 27, 2010

Words By j-RockaZ


True Story: I was on the subway a few days ago tapping some notes into my iPhone, when my personal space was invaded by a little foot, swaying from side to side. This tiny tot had the coolest shoes I peeped all day (and a pacifier to match). I looked closer to find out he was rockin’ a pair of Clarks, the latest fashion on the playground scene. Little man was visiting NYC from England with his Mommy, Gram and Aunty who all happened to be reggae enthusiasts. Well, as soon as I touched the street I hit up Google for a better look. That’s right y’all: Clarks for Kids. Visit the Clarks site to view the available styles. While you won’t find kiddy versions of the Desert Boot or the Wallabee, I’m sure you’ll find something cool and classic for your little one. If you’re a diehard Clarks connoisseur,ย  you won’t mind the UK shipping costs.

clarks for kids