Dread & Alive: Every Hero Needs His Theme Music

September 8, 2010

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton


Not content to be the only Rastas in the comic book universe (has there been another? feel free to put us up) Dread & Alive–recently available in newsletter form now that comics (like everything else) have been freed from their physical bodies by the cybernet–has gone the next step and become the first comic with a reggae soundtrack (that we know of. Again, we’ll be happy to be proved wrong). The Lost Tapes will be released digitally on September 14th and features stalwarts of the modern one drop movement like Anthony B, Lutan Fyah and former Soulive front man Toussaint, not to mention guitar-work from Jamaican studio legend Earl “Chinna” Smith. Listen to a preview here–mostly the songs are straight ahead non-superhero-related roots music but I-Octane represents the comic’s supernatural themes (and does the NY dancehall classic by Sancho one better) on “Stab Vampire.” Scientist would be proud.