Meta & The Cornerstones: “Somewhere In Africa” Music Video

August 10, 2010

Words by DJ Gravy ::: Photo by Abby Ross

For some years we had heard about a New York based Reggae band, Meta And The Cornerstones, fronted by a tall dread from Senegal named Meta Dia. There was a point when it was tough for Reggae bands outside of Jamaica and the Caribbean to gain acceptance as the real thing, but that time has come and gone! Meta and his Cornerstone band are an impressively tight outfit performing original riddims with soulful, uplifting lyrics that come across with a sincerity that cannot be questioned. You can literally read Meta’s expression and body language and decide wholeheartedly that this is a kind, humble youth, and you’d be right to do so.


Meta’s “Somewhere In Africa” music video debuted on National Geographic’s website this past Friday and seems to be enveloping people all over the globe with its infectious guitar pic line intro and happy singalong hook. The video was filmed in Senegal and really captures real life locals and backdrops, complete with coconuts getting opened and pan washing clothes…ย  You can definitely expect to be hearing more about this promising artist…