We Live in BKLYN Baby: Theophilus x Nike

August 9, 2010

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton



Theophilus London cannot be stopped apparently (not that anybody’s really trying). This cat is straight ubiquitous, popping up everywhere from Trinidad fashion week to cooking shows to Dave Sitek’s studio to giving away Brooklyn’s best quiet-as-kept record and roti spots (Ali’s and Charlie’s Calypso City respectively) in this new Nike Sportswear spot. Well…there goes that webisode idea. Thanks Nike. Don’t let us catch you in traffic without your shinguards on. Way things are going, Theoph is going to be running for Prime Minister of T&T in about 5 years and they’re gonna have to change the name of Port-of-Spain to Londontown, which would be mad confusing to UK Trinis. They could maybe compromise on Humdrum Town but then again, that might negatively affect tourism. Anyway, you get the idea. He’s doing big things. Watch him.