Walshy Fire x Malibu Rum!

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton


Yes, we’ve known for a minute and a half but not until now could the truth be told: our dude/Miami LargeUp correspondent Walshy Fire has been specially selected to create a promotional mix for everybody’s favorite coconut-flavored medicine, Malibu rum! Walshy’s work is currently featured here as the guest DJ for a promotional channel/mix series called Radio Maliboom Boom. Walshy sets it off with my favorite-ever Black Chiney dub featuring the criminally under-rated singer Notch and then proceeds to kill it dead with 64 minutes of pure one drop vibes. For my money, this look just increased Malibu’s street cache by  about ten million percent after those goofy “sunshine” TV spots. And for the record my money is actually of some concern to brand like Malibu because I am just enough of a girly-drink drunk to knock back a Malibu Libre when there is no Centenario behind the bar. Find yourself a sweety to brush up against, lift up your tiki tonic–and watch out for those little umbrellas.