Watch: Agape Featuring Nadia Harris “She Really Likes It” Video

July 20, 2010

Words by DJ Gravy

We’re proud to announce the premier of this spankin’ new music video, serving to prepare people for the upcoming album by Agape, a project bred from the collaboration between Jamaican singer Nadia Harris and musician/producer Erick Paredes. Hailing from Miami and Toronto, their sound is a fusion of many sounds, giving folks a whole lot of influences to choose from.

The above track, courtesy of Giant Step, drops a little 60’s jump-up beat, along with some reggae-style vocals and toasting over the rhythm, sometimes reminiscent of the late Natasja (of Calabria Fame).

The video’s psychedelic film noir intro leads into a possible nod to Alice In Wonderland and finds Nadia peeking into another dimension, eating some huge letter “A”s off an Eyes Wide Shut, tux-wearin’ dude’s animated tongue, then entering a trippy world of fractals, horseback riders, MC Escher patterns and Zebras. After waking up she realizes it was just some weird late night flick making her dream, OR WAS IT?!

Thursday, July 22nd is the official release party of Agape’s EP and this video where Agape will perform alongside DJ Maseo (of De la Soul) and Stevie D at The Delano. If you happen to be in the Miami area make sure you RSVP and August 16th they’ll be in New York City at the legendary Deep Space party alongside King Britt at Cielo