Visual Culture: Stussy x Jamaica

June 23, 2010

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton


If you hang out with the cool kids you may have already heard about the new Greensleeves First 100 Covers book from Stussy and the T-Shirt line it inspired, both featuring classic images of Yellowman, Scientist, Eek-A-Mouse and other Jamaican giants. But you may or not know that Stussy was the original, original brand to merge streetwear fashion tropes with reggaematical inspiration going all the way back to their Jah Lion tee in 1980. That being the case, it seemed only appropriate that in addition to supporting the current project we go a mile or two deeper and talk to the bosses at Stussy about the history of the brand and it’s long-distance Jamaican love affair. Check the book and accompanying mixtape, enjoy these visual gems–but more importantly, look for the exclusive interview in the next week or two!