Rihanna “Rude Boy” Refix ft. Assassin

March 3, 2010

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton

You probably already heard the latest single “Rude Boy” from Bajan-gal-to-the-world Rihanna. It’s number 3 on the UK charts and the video is generating much twitter-beef over it’s distinctly M.I.A.ish look. (Less has been said about the ouch-girl inspired outfits and Rihanna’s interpretations of 90s throwback dances like the bogle and butterfly but we’re more inspired by those angles).

She checks M.I.A. for hipster inspiration, but in case Rihanna had any questions about where to turn for rude boy yardie credibility, this Boardhouse refix from Assassin answers all concerns. Sasco and crew dub out the traphall synths of the original for one-drop keys and some Gussie Clark drums, and Assassin comes appropriately rough with a stamina daddy flow.

Check it here courtesy of Brooklyn’sย  Johnny Wonder.