AMPED. Soul/Funk re-designed in Kingston

February 8, 2010

Words and Photo: Martei Korley

Detroit-based Soul/Funk Legend Amp Fiddler, returns to Jamaica to record an album “Inspiration Information” with The Riddim Twins, Sly & Robbie. We were hanging out in Kingston during his first visit to the island in 2006. You don’t have to actually know anything about the accomplishments of this individual to be clear that he is a cool brother. The photo is from the docks down by the waterfront. We went for a dancehall cruise of Kingston harbor aboard the Caribbean Queen with my dear departed friend, Natasja and her friend Irie Love. All to the sounds of raaeee and woeeee blaring from Tony Matterhorns’ set..

It is always exciting when musicians from different backgrounds decide to stir the pot a bit and attempt something new. Jamaican music traditionally had a strong relationship with British and American genres; but as dancehall continues to evolve it has often been hit or miss: Carbon copy renditions or thoroughly local records are the order of the day. Why not change that up? Large Up welcomes collabos! Below we re-post a short documentary showcasing Mr. Fiddlers’ return to the Mecca of Caribbean music. Get Amped!