Blood of Haiti Mixtape

January 25, 2010

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton

When terrible shit jumps off in some other part of the world, the mind automatically goes to the people you know who are there or are somehow connected to it. For many of us in the New York DJ circuit, the first person we thought of when we heard the news about Haiti was undoubtedly Madsol-Desar. Not only because he is everywhere, DJing at the most unexpected events and tirelessly representing his side at the rest. But also because long before the talking heads could find Haiti on a map, he was doing his thing to focus the eyes of the world on his native land with the Blood of Haiti mixtape and movement.

In what must have been an around-the-clock effort he has just dropped Blood of Haiti pt. II, doing his piece to keep the alarm bell ringing just as the mainstream mediaย  gets restless and starts looking around for the next tragedy to alchemize into ratings gold.

About the music I’ll just say this: of all the harrowing images and testimonials we’ve heard from Haiti, nothing has made the hair stand up on the back of my neck quite like the sound of kreyol sung over the ominous bounce of the Shootout riddim. This mixtape is not a problem. It’s a state of emergency.

stream the mix via soundcloud here: