Me Nuh Know No Screwface

October 30, 2009

Words by DJ Gravy

While we’re still surrounded by Halloween madness, (here in NY, that is) you remember the evil, possessed, fictional Jamaican drug dealing gang in cinema tough guy Steven Segal’s “Marked For Death”?

It was totally insulting and definitely pre “PC”! Nevertheless, it is pretty funny and there are some good one liners. Apparently the dreadlocked gang have the obeah power to make their eyes change into weird colors, but lack the magical prowess it would take to stop Segal from cracking their bones in ways they’re not supposed to go!

On a side note, Steven Segal is (in real life) a major Reggae fan, he’s performed on stage with Toots and The Maytals, and has been known to frequent Jamaica… If you see him in JA make sure you try a “Marked For Death” one liner on him, just don’t jump out the window!

Rather than showing a regular clip from the movie, peep the Luke Vibert “Marked For Death” Junglist Montage Remix!