Oct 25, 2014
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Posts tagged: So You Think You Can Dance

A Dancing Ting: Jae Blaze’s New Short Film

Words by Emily Shapiro–

If you don’t already know Jae Blaze, it’s definitely time to get familiar. This super innovative Toronto-based choreographer has worked with everyone from Rihanna to The Black Eyed Peas to Nicki Minaj. She’s also put in work spreading dancehall style to the broader dance community and to the mainstream, having choreographed a routine to Mavado’s “Star Bwoy” on Canada’s So You Think You Can Dance, among other things.

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LargeUpTV: 2011’s Toppa Top 10 Dancehall Dances

Words by Emily Shapiro:::Photos and Video by Kevin Ornelas:::Choreography Direction by Korie Genius—

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So, Canada Can Dance: SYTYCD x Dancehall

Words by Erin MacLeod

So You Think You Can Dance is not a TV show. It’s a global phenomenon. With twenty versions of the contest airing worldwide, the program has showcased a huge range of different styles–from capoiera to tango to the waltz. On more than a few occasions, dancehall has been tossed into the mix, but with varying results. Finland’s version of the show has tried to sprinkle in a touch of Jamaica but with limited success. See the valiant, yet perhaps not passable, exhibit A:

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