Apr 25, 2014
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Posts tagged: Queen Ifrika

Impressions: Images From Rebel Salute, Pt. 2

Photos and Words by Martei Korley—

Rebel Salute I-Wayne

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Bless Up, Mi Dads: Ten Current Caribbean Artists and Their Musical Fathers

Words by Jesse Serwer


When you think of kids carrying on their father’s musical legacy, the Marley family is, rightfully, probably the first to come to mind. And if you’re talking about current reggae/dancehall music, you have to acknowledge the McGregor clan, with siblings Stephen, Chino and Shema all carrying on the Big Ship banner begun by their still-active father, Freddie McGregor. With Father’s Day coming up this Sunday, it got us wondering: who are some of the other current Caribbean artists and producers with influential musical fathers behind them? As many “mama” tunes as there are in reggae, dancehall and other genres, tributes to fathers are rare. Here’s 10 names we’re guessing you may know, and 10 reasons why you should also know their fathers–if you’re not up on the connections already.

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Ifrika on the rise

Words by Martei Korley

In a time where reggae and dancehall is often described as needing some ex-factor; it is interestingly enough often a return to the basics that provides it.
Queen Ifrika has on her latest effort “Montego Bay” done so better than most. The one-drop riddims she flows on are actually true one-drop rather than the tinny substitute being pawned off as the real thing these days.

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