Oct 25, 2014
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Posts tagged: Jimmy Cliff

R.I.P: Percussionist Uziah “Sticky” Thompson, 78

Words by Jesse Serwer, Photo by Martei Korley


Uziah “Sticky” Thompson, the Jamaican percussionist whose career spanned from the ska era through to recent work with Ziggy and Stephen Marley, has succumbed to illness at age 78.

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Run The Track! Download a Massive Sound EFX Folder From Screechy Dan

Words by DJ Autograph


As mentioned last week, the recording sessions for Screechy Dan‘s My Story mixtape produced by myself, Kenny Meez (Federation Sound) and DJ Shirkhan (Safari Sound) also yielded a bunch of sound effects all done by the man himself. The sum of them all is quite astounding, as Screechy offers interpretations of dogs, birds, horses, monkeys, ambulances, “elders” and even air, as well as 10 different variations on the airhorn! (Also, six different laser sounds).  There’s even a mini dubplate from “Jimmy Mountain” (Jimmy Cliff‘s”cousin”)  plus Screechy spins on staple phrases like “In come a ting called” and “Run the track,” and catchphrases from Kool DJ Red Alert (“Yeahhhhhhhhh”), Popcaan (“Yaoooowwww”), “Macho Man” Randy Savage (“Ooohhhh yeahhhh”) and the AFLAC duck (“AFLAC!”)

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Toppa Top 10: The Top Ten Summertime Festivals

Words by LargeUp Crew, Photo by Martei Korley—
World Creole_Martei Korley—DamianOnstage3

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R.I.P. Harold Ramis, Director of “Club Paradise”


Harold Ramis, actor/writer/director for blockbusters like Ghostbusters and Groundhog Day, died this morning at age 69 — don’t worry, Ramis probably would have found it ironic, too. Known for his raunchy, “gross-out” comedies (see: Animal House) Ramis also brought his distinct sense of humor to the Caribbean with the cult classic Club Paradise (1986).

Not to be confused with the Drake song of the same name (though we’d like to think that was inspired it), Club Paradise features Jimmy Cliff —in his second acting role, 10-plus years after The Harder They Come—as a reggae musician named Ernest Reed who works alongside Yankee Robin Williams to start a Club Med-style resort. “Reed” performs throughout the movie, with a backing band that includes reggae legend Earl “Chinna” SmithThe Harder They Come co-star Carl Bradshaw even makes a cameo as an enterprising taxi driver (check it out below).

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The Harder They Come: 40th Anniversary


This year marks the 40th anniversary of the legendary film The Harder They Come, and to celebrate, it will be re-released in a restored & remastered version for one night only on September 5th in theaters around the US. Watch the remastered trailer below.

Though the release will not be making it as far as Europe and the UK, for our London followers, the Portobello Film Festival has your back on Friday, 30th August, with free screenings of THTC and Marley. Check out their full schedule for all their Caribbean film programming.

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Behind the Boards With Dancehall Producer Computer Paul

Words by Sabia McCoy-Torres, Photos by Martei Korley—


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