Sep 23, 2014
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Posts tagged: Fashion Fridays

Style & Vibes: Five Caribbean Designers You Should Know

Words by Mikelah Rose


Welcome to the first edition of our new fashion column, Style & Vibes. Every Friday, style blogger Mikelah Rose will bring you up to date on the world of Caribbean fashion, from the dancehall to the runway. Be sure to check out her website Style & Vibes, where she covers clothes, music and more daily.

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Fashion Fridays: Fresh And Green Footwear

Words by Jason “J-Rockaz” Orford

hemp shoes1

We’re coming to the end of Hemp History week and in homage to the coolest plant on earth we’ve consolidated a short list of fashionable footwear to incorporate your everyday eco-friendly attire. Whether you run tings in Kingston or Northern Cali we’re sure you’ll find a fit. And if you don’t know the multitude of benefits of this amazingly sustainable crop, you can ask Bob, Willy or Woody. The green fashion revolution isn’t new. People have been making clothes from hemp for ages–it’s the stuff that the first pair of Levi’s were made of. So enjoy this fresh produce direct from the farm and straight to your feet as you hit your local city streets.

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Fashion Fridays: Jamaican Flag X New Era Fitted Caps

Words by Jason “J-Rockaz” Orford


Right about now most everyone is shedding their itchy and scratchy winter skin and making room for the sunshine season ’round the corner. Here at LargeUp, we’re always looking to assist Jamaica-philes around the globe in carefully choosing garms that celebrate the culture. Whether collar-poppin’, diddy-boppin’ or dancehall-swaggin’, these head pieces from New Era are a perfect complement to casual or sporty spring/summertime attire. You can pull tricks out of these hats in an under- or overstated fashion– depending on the mood you’re in, or what kind of party your headed to. We nah go leave you hanging: you can find most of these dome-pieces at Strictlyfitteds.

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Nice Shoes: Clarks helps UNICEF help Haiti

Words by Jason “J-Rockaz” Orford

clarks haiti

As we reflect on the one year anniversary of the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti, there is much to be said and much more work to be done. There are many government agencies, NGOs, celebrities as well as everyday individuals and members of the Haitian diaspora who are who are supporting the efforts to rebuild a strong and vibrant new Haiti (not without some controversy, of course). However I had to let folks know about a partnership to help Haiti that leads by example, which just happens to be spearheaded by the footwear brand with the biggest buzz of 2011; Clarks.

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Where You Get Dem New Clarks There Baby???

Words By j-RockaZ


True Story: I was on the subway a few days ago tapping some notes into my iPhone, when my personal space was invaded by a little foot, swaying from side to side. This tiny tot had the coolest shoes I peeped all day (and a pacifier to match). I looked closer to find out he was rockin’ a pair of Clarks, the latest fashion on the playground scene. Little man was visiting NYC from England with his Mommy, Gram and Aunty who all happened to be reggae enthusiasts. Well, as soon as I touched the street I hit up Google for a better look. That’s right y’all: Clarks for Kids. Visit the Clarks site to view the available styles. While you won’t find kiddy versions of the Desert Boot or the Wallabee, I’m sure you’ll find something cool and classic for your little one. If you’re a diehard Clarks connoisseur,  you won’t mind the UK shipping costs.

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Kingston Hot: Eve and Biggy Interview

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton, via Seen


Our cohorts over at Seen beat us to the draw AGAIN when they posted this great double-selection interview with Eve Manning and Biggy Biggz, creators of the recently profiled KingstonStyle blog. The duo’s responses are every bit as audacious as the fashion documented on KS and they are not shy about naming names, from best-dressed celebrities to shop-girls with the worst attitude. In the process they provide a wealth of useful info on where to shop in Kingston as well as tracing people out on a range of topics from knock-off designer wears to men who oil their legs to squeeze into tight pants. Read it, we guarantee you will learn something you didn’t know.

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