Nov 24, 2014
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Posts tagged: Drinking

Throwback Thursdays: Admiral Bailey and Chaka Demus’ “One Scotch”

Words by Jesse Serwer—

Admiral Bailey Chaka Demus "One Scotch"

Alcohol consumption in the Caribbean isn’t just about rum, domestic beer and the occasional imported stout. In recent years, vodka, whiskey and even tequila have become seemingly as popular as overproof in some quarters, at least with the younger crowd. We were surprised recently when we inquired which rum brand a certain Caribbean music star known for his overproof rhapsodies would prefer to drink at a meeting, only to be met with a request for Ketel One.

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LargeUp TV: L.A. Lewis Drinks Through His Nose

Video by Martei Korley—

LA Lewis drinks water through his nose

Is L.A. Lewis a deejay? Is he a “conceptual artist”? It’s not exactly clear what Jamaica’s most baffling semi-celebrity does, or is, but whatever you call the self-professed “Jamaican Damien Hirst,” (check out his recent art show in Nottingham, England!) he certainly is entertaining. Take this for example: our cameras caught an immaculately attired Lewis accomplishing the unusual feat of drinking a glass of water through his nose at Barbican Football Field in Kingston, Jamaica, where he was announcing at a celebrity soccer match. Watch and, uh, enjoy:

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