Apr 18, 2014
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Posts tagged: Big Ship

Album Stream: Freddie McGregor’s “Di Captain”

Words by Jesse Serwer—

Freddie McGregor

This year marks Freddie McGregor’s 50th in the music business, but don’t jump to any conclusions: he got his start at age seven, singing with vocal group The Clarendonians, back when he was known as “Little Freddie.”

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Audio: Hear Freddie McGregor’s New Version of “Equal Rights”

Words by Jesse Serwer—


Freddie McGregor is set to release his first album of new material in seven years, Di Captain, on Jan. 29 and to give us a taste of what to expect, Di Captain of Jamaica’s Big Ship has just issued “Equal Rights.” But McGregor already has an “Equal Rights,” you say? Well, yes—yes, he does. This one is an update of the Heptones’ original 1968 tune “Equal Rights,” which McGregor then recorded with the Heptones and Jah Buzz for Studio One in the ’70s. Stream the new one—touched up by Mr. McGregor in a fine style—then revisit the Heptones and Heptones/McGregor/Jah Buzz O.G.s below:

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Mixtape Mondays: Sensi Movement x Bramma, Papalote Hi-Fi, Louis Basslines

Words by DJ Theory

After last week‘s Carnival madness we’re right back in the grind this Monday, with new mixes from Germany, Australia and San Francisco. Let’s dig right in, shall we?

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Bless Up, Mi Dads: Ten Current Caribbean Artists and Their Musical Fathers

Words by Jesse Serwer


When you think of kids carrying on their father’s musical legacy, the Marley family is, rightfully, probably the first to come to mind. And if you’re talking about current reggae/dancehall music, you have to acknowledge the McGregor clan, with siblings Stephen, Chino and Shema all carrying on the Big Ship banner begun by their still-active father, Freddie McGregor. With Father’s Day coming up this Sunday, it got us wondering: who are some of the other current Caribbean artists and producers with influential musical fathers behind them? As many “mama” tunes as there are in reggae, dancehall and other genres, tributes to fathers are rare. Here’s 10 names we’re guessing you may know, and 10 reasons why you should also know their fathers–if you’re not up on the connections already.

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