Apr 18, 2014
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Surf AXA: Anguilla is Caribbean Surfing’s Best Kept Secret

Words and Photos by Ravi Lloyd—


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Boys of Summer: Documentary Spotlights Youth Baseball in Cuaraçao

Words by Natalie Weiner—boys-of-summer-documentary

It’s no secret that the Caribbean is home to some of baseball’s best talent. Players from the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico have long dominated in the major leagues, and more recently Curaçao and other Dutch Antilles islands like Aruba have started to gain international recognition for their outstanding players.

But, in such a small community (the population of Curaçao hovers around 150,000), how and where do players find the means to develop major-league skills? Well, just like in the U.S., Little League. The documentary Boys of Summer (2010) follows the Curaçao team as they prepare to attend the Little League World Series in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Curaçao, at the time of filming, had won the Caribbean regional championship nine times in a row, cementing their status as the team to beat even within the intensely competitive division.

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LargeUp TV: Riding with Krash Test Dummies

Words by Jesse Serwer, Photos and Video by Martei Korley—


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You Rate It: “The Bobsled Song”

Words by Natalie Weiner—

Jamaica’s bobsled team may not have won on the track (in fact, they’ve already been eliminated from competition), but they’re Sochi crowd-pleasers regardless. “All the people here like us,” veteran driver Winston Watts told the LA Times. “No, that’s not correct. I should say all the people here love us.” Watts (who says he still gets inspired by Cool Runningsand his teammates have even managed to charm the competition:

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Media Watch: “Unsung” Highlights Gil Scott-Heron’s Jamaican Roots

Words by Natalie Weiner—

Poet, musician, activist, and “godfather of rap” Gil Scott-Heron challenged musical and social limits right up until his death in 2011, combining jazz, blues, soul, and spoken word to create evocative new sounds. His influence on contemporary music is enormous – even to just consider the artists who’ve directly sampled his work is overwhelming, much less all the artists who have been inspired by his style and delivery.

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Toppa Top 10: Ten Ways To Celebrate Bob Marley’s Birthday

Words by LargeUp Crew— Bob-Marley-football-soccer Today would be the 69th Earthstrong of the Caribbean’s greatest musical ambassador, Bob Marley. As usual, there’s no shortage of ways to celebrate the occasion. Here’s a few top choices.

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