Toppa Top 10: Ten Trini Rappers Besides Nicki Minaj

Words by Jesse Serwer and Rishi Bonneville—

Without a doubt, Saint James, Trinidad native Nicki Minaj is the most influential and accomplished Caribbean-born rapper to come along in many years. But Nicki is just one of many Trini MCs to have impacted hip-hop. With her sophomore album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, hitting stores today, here’s a look at some other notable rappers of Trini extraction.

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  • I been listening to MF DOOM for years, i never knew he had trini roots

  • Rad’s

    Their is one more somebody that has been left out in this line up…..Busta Rhymes Hype Man which goes by his stage name ( Spliff Star ) Yes a Trini born & Bklyn grown. Check him out on YouTube. Busta Rhymes feat. Sean Paul & Spliff Star Make It Clap (Remix)

  • Once again this site has proven to be LAME! Where the hell is Mr. Man from Da’ Bush Babees?

  • Jesse Serwer

    @Rad’s—Did you read the whole list? Spliff Star is included, under Honorebel Mentions. @Pete-Thanks for pointing out Mr. Man. I’m a huge Bush Babees fan so that’s a big oversight. But it’s been a long time since we’ve heard his name. Feel free to tell us how else we’re lame, though.

  • fred

    i think lil fame from mop is trini also.

  • fred

    Wait Chip fu is number 8? figured he be higher in the list. But at least he made the list. dude is wicked on both sides saw some of his new hip hop and reggae stuff on youtube.. Must say big up to yall for making this list though! Krs one never new he was trini.

  • navy

    Where’s K-Os?

  • Dan

    I am appalled !!! What about Papa Reu from Hot Boys/Ca$h money – (Trinidad) & TOBAGO born brethren!!


  • DAG

    KRS-1 is an American rapper of Jamaican descent

  • Jesse Serwer

    Nope, KRS is an American rapper of Trini descent

  • Roberto DaCosta

    Krs-One’s Jamaican-patois stylings are directly due to the influence of Toronto’s Michie Mee.. this is something he has acknowledged on many many occasions (I actually saw him perform live where he went on a passionate rant hailing her and her early influence on his patois-style)… It’s totally understandable that this is not something known by most, but now you know..

  • Afu-Ra, iz ah trini.

  • Karima

    Thought I share a chilehood memory : As x-rated Chris was from 2Live crew ,his family was super proud “Trini people style” .His sister my godmother and his parents would put their music video hits on during get togethers ….lol!

  • maurice

    what about trinidad james.guess he wasnt known when this article came out.

  • Jesse Serwer

    Yes, Trinidad James was completely unknown when we published this, or else he would have been in it.

  • Martin Vidale

    Cardi B is American born of a Trinidadian Mother and A Dominican Father. Cardi B should be included on this list.