Toppa Top 10: Walla-be’s, Clark-offs and Other Clarks-inspired Footwear

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Words by Jason “J-Rockaz” Orford and Eddie STATS Houghton

Red King Tubbys aka Wally Dons from Mr Hare

Red King Tubbys aka Wally Dons from Mr Hare

You may have noticed that we can’t seem to stop talking about Clarks–real badman shoes reserved for those who know how fi really rock! Addicted? OK, that’s fair. We admit we have a Clarks-infused jones in our bones-es. But it is fashion week, so we decided to keep the fire burning. This time out we gathered a list of some admirable Clarks-inspired footwear fit for the streets and elsewhere. Some even outshine the original creators–if such a thing is possible!

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