Toppa Top 10: Movies Filmed in the Caribbean

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Words by DJ Gravy

Even way back in the early sixties, it was obvious the Caribbean would be an amazing location for a visually stimulating film. Such was the case in James Bond’s investigation of a missing colleague in Jamaica, that leads him to the island of the mysterious Dr. No and a scheme to end the US space program.

Maybe the British agent was lookin’ out for the U.S. because Bond’s name was borrowed by writer Ian Fleming from famed ornithologist James Bond. Son of the Pennsylvania-based Bond family, Bond allowed Fleming the use of their estate in Jamaica (now owned by Chris Blackwell and known as Golden Eye Resort) to write these wild tales of spies, espionage and adventure, very loosely based off his own experience in intelligence agencies.

Nothing really specified why these are my top 10, some are corny, but all have great scenery and elements of Caribbean music, art and people. And for the record Cool Runnings was NOT filmed in the Caribbean!

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  • graham s

    Captain Ron is not with Goldie Hawn its with Martin Short.
    Overboard is Goldie.

  • M

    thanks for the list…but i think you are a missing a few truly great movies…. one that comes to mind is ” Island in the Sun ” …from 1957…at the time it was a very sensitive subject…inter racial couples

  • Caribbean Joe

    The Bahamas is not the Caribbean! Splash and Fools Gold should be off the list. Splash barely had a scene filmed in the tropics. Captain Ron didn’t have a snobbish female lead and it wasn’t Goldie Hawn, it was Mary Kay Place. What a joke this article