Yaadcore + Ras Fik’iri ‘Flex’ On Infectious New Collab [Video Premiere] 🇯🇲🇭🇹🇺🇸

October 7, 2020

Ras Fikiri feat. Yaadcore - Flex

Yaadcore may be best known as an ace reggae selector but, in short time, he’s really distinguished himself as an artist. Over the past year, he’s dropped straight bangers like “Ready Now” and “The Calling,” blending rootsman vibes with trap-spiced beats to create a fresh, timely sound.

For his latest release, he’s linked with Florida-based Ras Fak’iri on a simple, clean and sexy smasher. When Yaadcore sent us “Flex” a few weeks ago, it immediately grabbed us with its catchy refrain, landing at the top of our Now Things new music playlist.

Ras Fak’iri, you might not expect from the name, is a woman. While we’d never heard of her before, we can already tell the Haitian native is going places, ‘cause her swag on this track is definitely infectious.

“Flex,” Yaadcore says, originated with Ras Fak’iri. “Ras Fik’iri reached out to me for a feature and fortunately I actually listened to the track and liked it, it has a real chill laid back vibe but at the same time gives you an up tempo energy,” Yaadcore says. “Even though I didn’t know who she was [before], I was definitely happy she linked me after hearing the track.”

While the track may have started its life in Florida, Yaadcore tapped director Fernando Hevia to bring it to the screen with a lyric video filmed in Kingston’s Skyline Drive area. Due to travel restrictions, Ras Fak’iri was unable to travel to Kingston to appear, though a second visual could soon be forthcoming, Yaadcore says.

Check the “Flex” here: