LargeUp Premiere: Watch Busy Signal’s “Hold A Medi” Video

March 27, 2018

Words by LargeUp Crew


Miserable neighbors, he nuh like dem. Busy Signal‘s “Hold A Medi” was one of our favorite one-drop reggae tunes of 2017, thanks to its frank and entertaining stance on the sort of nosy neighbors who won’t let a man like Busy smoke his spliff in peace.

The video for the track, on Upsetta RecordsOuji Riddim, was filmed by Upsetta’s own Dubee and Original King, tapping into the song’s intrinsic humor with some suitably bad acting from the offending “neighbor.” But it’s also a tribute to the relaxing, healing nature of both some good ganja and reggae music. And a reminder not to let the day’s stress get in your way. Watch below, and do like Busy… Hold a Medi.